Vents and Protesting

I hate the return policy at Motherhood Maternity retail stores. HATE IT. You only have 10 days to return and you get store credit no matter what you paid with. I am hereby protesting Motherhood. I haven’t bought a thing there this pregnancy, so I guess I’ve been protesting for a while. Old Navy’s clothes are much more flattering, their prices are more fair, and they have the same 90 day return policy for maternity that they do for everything else.

I hate feeling lightheaded and weak. I want to run around and do stuff. I feel like either laying down or sitting still all day long.

I hate complaining. I need to post a list of things I love, which I haven’t done in several years.

9 responses to “Vents and Protesting

  1. You need to bring some snacks along with you so you don’t get that bad low blood sugar feeling.

    Bring fruit or granola bars….or a snickers bar for that matter…

    Bite size snickers. That’s the ticket.
    Perfect to bring your blood sugar up.


  2. yeah motherhood is indeed nuts. target’s selection is usually small, but usually has something good. and I’m surprised at how much stuff Michelle has found at thrift stores.

  3. Hope you feel better! We love you!

  4. I think the maternity store at Southpoint is Mimi Maternity? Anyway, you can’t buy one item there for less than $70. It’s so ridiculous.

    One of my favorite items was a plain knit sleeveless dress I bought in L (not maternity) at Wal-Mart for $10 or so. So comfy! Sadly, it’s white and got stained, like all my other white clothes =[ Oh well, it’s too big on me now and too summery for my wintry third trimester. I’ll have to give Old Navy a look.

  5. Motherhood is obnoxious. Never really found much at Old Navy. Really liked GAP. Wish they were more affordable.

    Thanks for the diaper help!

  6. Mimi Maternity is high end Motherhood, I think.

  7. Yes, Mimi, Motherhood and a Pea in the Pod are all owned by the same company.

    Old Navy is a hit-or-miss store in any department. Sometimes I go there and find NOTHING and other times I find tons of great stuff, no matter who I am shopping for (Mike, Kate, myself or otherwise). The maternity selection varies a lot from store to store, even among the stores that actually have maternity, and the online selection varies from them as well.

  8. Well, if you can’t complain on your own blog, where can you?

    Pregnant with a toddler running around is not an easy place to be. You have my empathy. My advice: do nothing at night, after Kate’s in bed (if you’re not doing that already). During my pregnancy, Jason did bedtime every night he could, bless his heart. I just couldn’t move myself off the couch after 7 p.m.

    Hm, Motherhood. Not so much. I bought one outfit there, ever, and regret it to this day. Clothes aren’t always well made, and that ridiculous return policy should be banned.

    I had lots of luck at Old Navy online.

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