Tweets of the Week

+ On the way home from the library. Kate: “Wow! I can learn a lot from books!” 1:41 PM Feb 2nd from TwitterFon
+ @lizrwells Don’t be fooled, I am a wimp with a low pain tolerance, you could totally take me. Having Lexi at home was cool, though. 5:17 PM Feb 2nd from web
+ Mourning the mocha one of my children grabbed off the counter and spilled everywhere. I was really looking forward to that mocha. 2:41 PM Feb 3rd from web
+ @RaeWhitlock but I don’t find the suburbs inherently sinful, just boring and not my place. Is Ninevah more the large parts of the city 10:22 AM Feb 5th from web
+ That middle class people never enter? The places of great poverty and neglect? (N/W B’ham). Are we for the city or for gentrification? 10:23 AM Feb 5th from web
+ Wanting the right thing, the hard thing, so badly that I am starting to loathe the easy thing. 4:37 PM Feb 6th from web
+ Family is still being terrorized by a stomach virus. Strangely, I am the only one not to fall. Proves there is a first time for everything. 11:32 AM today from web
+ The terror is so great that my mother and sister fled for home, in hopes that they would not be sick on the way to North Carolina. 11:33 AM today from web

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