Kate Celebrates the Big Win

Hark the Sound from Kristen Stewart on Vimeo.

5 responses to “Kate Celebrates the Big Win

  1. So cute! I love to see a little tarheel in training! What a great game, go heels!

  2. Laura Leigh

    Great job, Kate! Go Tar Heels!

  3. Though I am not a tar heel fan, i can appreciate a well sung fight song! Just don’t forget the “WARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR EAGLE, HEY, Kate!

  4. Lori, after we watched an auburn game (on tv) this fall with some alumni, she kept wanting me to sing “the war eagle song.” :)

  5. So cute! I’m tempted to send this to my dad. He had me singing ra ra carolina-lina from a wee age!

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