An Open Letter Regarding V-Day

If you feel inclined to get a last minute gift, don’t believe the commercials: most women do not really want the big red box of Russell Stover’s chocolates. Buy good chocolate. Even a couple bars from a high end grocery store’s inventory is much better than that red box.

5 responses to “An Open Letter Regarding V-Day

  1. Amen to that!

  2. I 2nd that. Better still with just a really nice love letter. I really don’t like store bought cards.

  3. yes. no fancy box necessary. i don’t even need a card. giving me good chocolate shows me that you love me.

    does anyone else like that chocolate with crystallized ginger in it? can’t remember the brand right now. i usually don’t like chunks of anything in my chocolate, but i love this stuff.

  4. Dagoba! Love love love the crystallized ginger and all the other flavors.

  5. Well said! Though I assume your honey already knows that, and now big red boxes were exchanged in your home. . .

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