April Comes And Goes

I’ve spent a lot of April contemplating. The things I’ve wanted to say, are easy to say in 140 characters or less. But I want to break the silence.

Hypothetically, Michael going to law school was a step out in faith, that God would provide for our family and that this move would be a positive one for us. But in reality, I saw it more as a logical, easy decision at the time. With the economy where it is, it’s actually turned out to be a lot more risky and scary than I thought it would be. And that’s okay, for right now. I spend a lot of time praying “help my unbelief.” Actually, that’s what I always end up praying historically, but it seems different somehow right now.

Sometimes I am really overwhelmed. Sometimes I honestly laugh and think, “this is going to be a fun story someday.” Those times often sequence in seconds or minutes, which is another story unto itself.

God’s goodness isn’t far from us. I feel it tangibly every day. I wonder what God is doing, but I see that he’s doing something. Looking forward, I can see a lot of neat opportunities we have as a family and I get excited, and I can’t wait to tell all of you about them. But I need to get some work done before preschool is over!

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  1. hi kristen
    do you still make birth announcements? i couldn’t find your website, but i found this blog. thanks

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