This December Posting Challenge…

… is kicking my tail. I don’t even know who reads this anymore and what the benevolent readers want to hear about. I haven’t finished a book yet this month (lame) so I can’t review any. Too much work, not enough focus and energy to read.

What do you like reading? Theological and philosophical musings? Anecdotes? Quotes? Reviews?

3 responses to “This December Posting Challenge…

  1. Hey, I’m good with anecdotes. :-) Or musings, those are always thought-provoking. I am easy to please; I enjoy your writing. You could write about what you wore today and how it made you feel, or what you had for lunch, and that would probably bring a smile to my face, kwim?

  2. I’m good with mishmash. Er, I mean variety. That is what I tend to myself, with photos to fill in the gaps. You could do all of the things you mentioned and I’d enjoy it. :)

  3. I like 2 things: 1) posts that tell me about the writer,like what they’re interested in at the moment, what they’re doing, and what they think about various stuff; and 2) posts that introduce me to new and interesting things.

    Your previous post about your website recommendations was a great example of #2.

    The post from the 11th was a great example of #1.

    You’re doing great. I’ve really enjoyed this month’s challenge.

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