Today was the last day of Kate’s first semester of Kindergarten. She’s enjoyed it so much: her teacher, science labs, Spanish class, singing with her class and in music, everything. Well, not nap time! Her enthusiasm is really encouraging to me, but I am also excited to watch her progress every week with reading, writing and math.

She told us a few weeks ago that she is changing her name to Katie. When I asked her why, she told me she just wanted a name with two syllables. In spite of the fact that she now writes it on every piece of paper she comes in contact with, I am still holding out hope she’ll revert back to Kate! She’s really making connections from what they cover at school to the rest of life. I know in addition to basic phonics, they have been talking about narrators and voice, illustrations and how they tell a story, and other elements of literary analysis. But it still tickles me when we are listening to a Book on CD and she asks, “I know Molly is the main character, but is she the narrator, too?” I asked what she thought and she said, “No, she’s not the narrator, just the main character.”

Her main aspiration is still to be a “hospital doctor.” She is a loyal and faithful friend, a truly caring and kind child, so I can see her working in a field that requires compassion. When she’s at home, she spends a lot of time drawing, capturing our world and even expressing her emotions. I’m glad she’s found an outlet at such a young age and I hope we are able to nurture and encourage it as she grows.

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  1. What joy to have a great school, a good fit for your little one!

  2. I started wanting to be a doctor in kindergarten and never really wavered. In june, I’ll finish my family practice residency and finally be completely finished with all my education. It’s a long journey, but definitely worth it. And yes, sometimes people do decide what they want to do at a very early age. But being a doctor is great!! Glad Kate is enjoying school so much – I’m impressed that they are teaching her some of the finer points of literature so early.

  3. Aubrey,
    Shhhh… Kate’s getting scrubs and a lab coat (real ones, from a medical supplier) for her big Christmas gift. She asked for them, and I figure there are a lot worse aspirations than wanting to be a doctor. Even though we read the Tale of the Three Trees enough that she gets that you don’t always end up doing what you want, but God uses you in the perfect way.

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