We Went to the Movies

This is pretty momentous. Going to the movies as a couple is typically more or less a non-option between the cost of tickets and the cost of babysitting. Dates are scarce enough, movies are just over the top. (Especially with our HBO included rental, the library, and redbox.)

Not only did we see a movie in the actual theatre… we saw TWO in two days. I am not a movie critic, and don’t feel as comfortable reviewing a film as I do a book, but I’ll do it anyway.

Michael’s choice was Sherlock Holmes. We both loved it. He’d see it again tonight if I would let him. It’s really well done, the acting is great, the colors and conception are both excellent, it’s one I envision we will end up owning.

My choice was Up in the Air. I loved Thank You for Smoking and Juno and think Jason Reitman may just be the go-to guy making real movies about life in our generation and I wanted to support it. It was a fantastic film. You ought to see it. It’s a thoughtful film that explores community, why we need it, how we figure out that we do… in a smart and beautiful way with characters that are real and deeply flawed. Even the editing stood out to me for how well it captured different aspects of the film. I am looking forward to digesting it more over days and viewings to come.

2 responses to “We Went to the Movies

  1. I have heard good things about both those movies! :) Good for you, glad you were able to go see them.

    (btw when are you leaving— we could meet you at a park or such if you will be around tomorrow, just thought of that…)

  2. That is great you guys were able to go on a movie date. Our dates and moved dates especially are really limited but when we get a chance to go we usually see about 2-3 in one week :) Usually we can do it when we are visiting my family which is why it works out that way.

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