Only in the Deep South

School was cancelled today because the forecast called for snow. It started snowing about 11. It never stuck. We already have a two hour delay in the morning for tomorrow.

The biggest controversy? Whether severe weather broadcasting would interfere with the game. Mud was slung, promises were made. No one is stupid enough to ever risk that, even if lives were at stake.

3 responses to “Only in the Deep South

  1. They made a point to talk about not interrupting the game on our newscast, too! I thought that was totally weird. Of course, then it wasn’t really much of a game once McCoy was out, but oh, well.

    Plus, the ATL newscasters have made it a point to wear their favorite school’s colors the night of their bowl game (Texas, AL, Iowa, etc.), and one lady even wore a Georgia Tech tie over a red dress. She definitely is not a real fan.

  2. Sorry to be commenting on such an old, now outdated post. But some news station did mention the fact that a large number of southern kids do not have heavy coats… and one of the reasons for school cancellations, etc. is so those kids don’t have to stand and wait for the bus. Which makes a whole lot more sense.

  3. It was much colder this week than last, here it is all about the snow hype. Interestingly, the three ritziest school districts held out and did an early dismissal day one and late start day two and managed not to need a make-up day. (Not sure how Kate’s private school handles that…)

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