I’ve been feeling like a zombie for a few days now. Just SO tired. (I often feel tired, but this is crazy-tired.) Caffeine doesn’t cut it. Neither does sleeping more. Ideas?

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  1. Possibly exercise, even just a brisk walk for 10 minutes, yoga or pilates, could help.

  2. yeah, exercise does it for me. or perhaps your preggo? :-)

  3. they said what i was gonna say. i know it’s hard to exercise when you’re tired, but for me it produces more energy than it takes away. that, and drink tons of water. it’s also a natural energy booster.

    good luck!

  4. I agree with the exercise. I also feel waaaay tired when I’m not eating well… for me personally, too many carbs are what usually do it…

  5. Iron? hope you feel perkier soon. :(

  6. hello, autoimmune disease :-) Vitamin D helps, and you’ll get it naturally if you can get outside to exercise like the others suggested. I feel the same way often, but I have more good days when I’m exercising regularly. Sometimes a virus will trigger those episodes even though you never really get sick.

  7. So funny, Vitamin D was far and away the winner on facebook. Exercise on the blog. hmmm….

  8. feeling any better?

  9. I just listened to this radio show and thought of you the entire time :-) Glad I heard it- I thought fibro and lupus were much more closely related… don’t know if there’s anything in here to help with the situation at hand, but just in case… I downloaded it from itunes, but I didn’t see it in the list just now when I looked it up:

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