Calling All Green Thumbs

I think we’re going to have a plot in a new community garden this year. I’m pretty stoked about it. We’ve done some container gardening before, but this would be raised bed, probably square foot style and organic. We will certainly grow tomatoes, peppers, basil and cilantro, but I am not sure what varieties, and what else. I’d love to try green beans.

So, green thumbs, any suggestions for varieties or things to try? Our girls don’t really remember our gardens of the past, so I am hoping for a memorable summer of working and reaping the harvest. I am also excited about the potential for building community with friends old and new as we garden together. The location is a few miles away (boo) but in a neighborhood that’s on our list for a potential place to settle in if we are able to stay here long term.

One response to “Calling All Green Thumbs

  1. I’d recommend sungold cherry tomatoes… my favorite thing from our garden besides herbs – they ripen quickly and have a great, sweet flavor. My children eat them like candy straight off the vine. Butternut squash is a good choice too (straight out of the compost pile is my favorite), but not so great for square foot gardening as it trails along the ground.

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