Spotify is pretty amazing. You can discover a lot of new music before you buy it or don’t even buy it at all (the artist is getting royalties from your plays, after all!) The library is large, so comparisons to netflix instant and other services seem really hollow. They don’t have some major artists or some very indie acts, but they do pretty well with the in between.

If you are already using Spotify, here’s a playlist I made of music I’ve been appreciating so far in 2011. Being able to easily share playlists through both twitter and facebook is another great feature.

We have a few more invites if you’d like one.

3 responses to “Spotify

  1. i would like an invite please!

  2. Tricia Froyd

    I’d like an invite, if you still have them.

  3. We’re out at the moment, but I’ll add people as we can.

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