Odds & Ends VI

Things look different around here. I changed the theme up, because I was ready for a change. In more “catching up with the rest of the blogosphere” news, you can now subscribe to comments. Regrettably, I can’t figure out how to let you log in with your twitter or openID accounts (feel free to suggest a plug in, kind readers.)

I also switched up the way I integrate facebook to encourage substantial conversations to happen in just one place. So far, RSS graffiti has been quick, reliable and worked well on the whole (as long as I post longer than 3 sentences.) The historian in me rejoices in the prospect of not having two comment threads happening at once when I write something people want to talk about (you know, every six months.) Facebook is great for leaving a quick like or short comment and I certainly welcome those bits of encouragement.

Over on goodreads you can read my review of a sweet middle grades novel, The Friendship Doll by Kirby Larson.

School starts this week and we are all thrilled. Hooray for school!

2 responses to “Odds & Ends VI

  1. I meant to say I really fancy your new look! I don’t always stop by “in person” because I manage everything in Google Reader – but I like!

  2. I usually read your posts in Google Reader, but I stop by here, too. I love the new look! :)

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