Light in the Darkness

As someone with very disordered sleep, I dread falling back. It takes away an hour of daylight when I am always up (and there truly are not that many hours of the day that’s true.) Insomnia is a lonely condition and the light of day is a comfort and cheer. However, November is not all bad. I made a little list of all its joys to compensate for the dreary darkness.

College basketball season starting. Crisp weather. Sweaters. Pumpkin everything. The blissful Starbucks period where Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Mochas overlap. Autumn colors. The spirit of gratefulness. Thanksgiving food. Wool socks. Homemade hot chocolate. Advent.

This week I have baked pumpkin muffins and cast on a new scarf for Kate. I will take a walk and breathe in the crisp air in the daylight, while drinking something warm and wonderful. I will finish my Thanksgiving menu and make Lexi a costume for her Thanksgiving feast. I will cheer at a basketball game. I will finish my Jesse Tree ornaments and start writing some thoughts on Advent to share with y’all. And I will make the best I can of the short days.

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