Advent & Christmas Music

Seems like everyone needs some good Christmastide songs on the cheap. Have you downloaded these two Argyle Project eps? Some really good songs for free. Noisetrade has some great downloads too, like Drew Holcomb’s A Neighborly Christmas.

Friends of this blog know how much I love Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God, you can stream the whole album here.

Finding good advent songs is a challenge, so I will share a little playlist on spotify. Unfortunately, some songs aren’t available if you don’t own them. If you want to stream or purchase a few, check out Cardiphonia’s By All Adored for a few obscure songs that are really good. Kate keeps requesting Mike Crawford’s Life Up Your Heads, which is also available to stream or buy at bandcamp.

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  1. Most of my Advent and Christmas music was on the two computers that have died since moving to Kenya. . . Blah. I have only a few (not great) albums on the living computers. So. . . THANK YOU for this great list!

    I’ve avoided spotify because I’m not sure I can access it here (can’t use Pandora. . .) but with your list, I’m going to see if we can use it.

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