A Plea & a Freebie

If you have thought about ordering something from my etsy shop, now is the time to buy! Half the proceeds go to my friend Elizabeth’s adoption fund if you order before the month is through. Please spread the word if you know someone hankering for a cute gift or family rules, etc.

I made this printable for Valentine’s Day a few weeks back. I meant to make a few more, but to be honest, I am not sure if anyone uses them and there are lots of good ones other places on the web, so they tend to be low on my priority list.

[click on it to open & save | sized to print at 8×10]

3 responses to “A Plea & a Freebie

  1. I used your Advent printables and will use this one, too!

  2. Cool. Thanks for letting me know, Haley!

    I made one for lent a few days ago. Because I figure “who makes lent printables?” But then again, the demand for them is pretty low. :)

  3. Beautiful (and so simple)! I’m going to pin it on Pinterest, too.

    LOL to your comment. ;)

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