A Lenten Confession

I’m tired of being busy.

There’s always something to do, and ten more things that I ought to do. This things consume an inordinate amount of my thoughts and my time.

I’m tired of feeling like I’ve spent all day with people and not really stopped and listened to them.

I am starting to think that busyness is one of my biggest obstacles to loving people well.

Without busyness, I already struggle enough with self-centeredness and lack of care for others. But busyness makes me think that my agenda and what I need to accomplish is the most important thing for the day.

Honestly, it’s usually not. Things can wait.

May I make time and space to love as I ought to love, and serve as I ought to serve.

Lord, have mercy. Accept my repentance. Change my heart. Let me show forth your glory in this world.

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