Odds & Ends XII

+ A Slow-Books Manifesto was very thought provoking, what would your reading manifesto say?
+ For the first time, I’m suffering from seasonal allergies. I am open to any and all suggestions.
+ Holy Week starts Sunday, check out this post if you are looking for suggestions for observing at home.
+ I was very moved by this story from All Things Considered: Unlikely Advocates For Teen Killers: Victims’ Families.
+ The rationalization for why I will be headed to Starbucks tomorrow to get some work done tomorrow. It’s true for me.
+ The return of Mad Men has made me really happy. But how long can “zoo bisou bisou” stay stuck in my head if those are the only words I know?

3 responses to “Odds & Ends XII

  1. Kristen, sorry to hear about the allergy problems; they can hit hard sometimes! I remember asking an ENT friend of mine at church about seasonal allergy medicine, because it seemed like I was taking mine year round. He said “It is seasonal medicine. It’s for this season, and the next, and the one after that … .” The only thing I’ve found with my allergies is that staying on top of the allergy is better than letting it slide and having to work back up to having it under control.

    And I appreciated the link re moderate buzz and concentration. I’ve found that too, although my shop of choice it Peets and not Starbucks. Do they even have Peets in Memphis? If not, more’s the pity.

    By the way, if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, I just wrote (in part from personal experience, ack!) on what not to say to a pregnant person: http://theradicaljourney.com/2012/03/28/advice-for-those-married-to-a-pregnant-person/. Hope you get a chance to look at it (and let me know what you think there too if you like).


  2. I like Nasonex…last year was the first I really needed something for seasonal allergies. I am able to use it in high pollen times and go without for blocks of time in between. It also works well for cold/flu season.

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