May is the craziest. Far too jam packed for my tastes. In the next week my kids have three field trips, one play, two class parties and require two costumes. Kate needs a Little House in the Big Woods dress (and bonnet and pinafore, if I am that awesome.) She picked out several pictures like this one to inspire me. Lexi needs a crow outfit for a play. I just started the dress today and have not even started to gather things for the crow situation. I need to remind myself next time of my complete inability to follow a pattern and how many seams I end up ripping out when I do cost-benefit analysis of whether I should make or buy all these Westminster costumes.

Of course, we have lots of events for the upper school as well. It just adds to the crazy. For example, today we had awards assembly, an in class awards ceremony, the senior art show and I made a lot of peanut butter cream pies for a bake sale. And I am teaching a class at church and Kate has girl scout events and…

Most of these things are fun, so I expect we will survive, but next year I am starting all the May costumes in February. And I will not turn down any offers of Starbucks delivered.

2 responses to “Mayday!

  1. At least Mike doesn’t (usually?) need costumes!

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

  2. “… next year I am starting all the May costumes in February.” Ha! Let us know how that works out!

    This is such a crazy time of year for families with kids in school. I remember the days well, Kristen. Hope you get it all done swiftly and well (or at least swiftly!).


    P.S. Rachel Stone just posted a guest piece I did. Hope you get a chance to take a look:

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