Letting Go of Old Ways

I used to work as a photographer. I always had lots of sessions to edit, so taking pictures of my kids felt like extra work. I disliked posting any pictures that I hadn’t tweaked the white balance, at minimum, if not fully edited.

With time, I’ve let go. I take pictures when I feel like it and I post them with no editing. Even if I know I COULD make them look better. I am less in practice, but still stubborn and shooting manual, so sometimes I’m just off. But I’m not striving for perfection, I’m striving for capturing moments.

I’m a mom with a camera again. Taking pictures of my goofy girls and their friends for fun. Uploading them in 20 minutes or less. And it feels good.

4 responses to “Letting Go of Old Ways

  1. Love this….SO much! I feel like anything I post can and will be used against me (professionally). So, I don’t post my own kids’ stuff until wayyyyyy after the fact (if ever). Gotta let it go! BTW, these images are so special and alive and perfect! :)

  2. Kristen, these pics of your kids couldn’t be any more awesome!


    P.S. What does it mean to have “tweaked the white balance”?

  3. Kathy, I definitely felt the same way, especially about ballet, etc. — things I didn’t usually shoot, where I couldn’t control anything, but I felt like I’d still be judged.

    Tim, white balance is what your camera does (either manually by your setting, or automatically) to try to remove color casts, usually either yellow or blue, due to the lighting, etc. You want your whites to be white. :)

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