Saving My Life: Seeing People

A new occasional series on the everyday things that show me God’s presence and care.

Nothing too traumatic but this week has been a little bit blah. Michael started his summer teaching gig. It’s hot and sticky. The bible stories I am covering for my current writing project are really difficult this week. I tried to get up early and run and ended up spraining my ankle. My sleep has been pretty disordered.

But, it’s felt like a good week. Why? Because I’ve seen people. Every day I saw a friend. They were gracious and fun to be with, even on days when I had hardly any sleep. With one I tried a new restaurant. With another, I explored the YMCAs of Suburban Memphis. With a third, we had a girls’ day and watched Brave with our kids. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, it was a good week for socializing.

I’m also looking forward to seeing one of my favorite people in the world tomorrow, former roommate and all-around amazing G. She’s in Nashville for a family wedding so I’m heading over to brunch with her in the morning to catch up on life and convince her to visit us soon.

A good conversation with a friend or even a few minutes to catch up in the middle of shuffling kids around is such a balm to my soul. Sometimes I forget that, especially during the school year when I can go days without talking to anyone but my family and employees at Kroger. Every once in a while, an introverted day can be a good thing. But too many makes me a little crazy.

Thanks for encouraging me to hang out and live a little, friends. Your invitations and responses to mine are saving my life. Taking a minute to say hello means more than you know as we hit 11 months as Tennesseans. Sometimes we still seem like strangers in a strange land, but little by little, Memphis feels like home.

2 responses to “Saving My Life: Seeing People

  1. “Taking a minute to say hello means more than you know …”

    That’s something I try to remember, Kristen. It came to me years ago as a piece of cowboy wisdom like this: Never pass someone on the trail without saying “Howdy”. Like you said, doing just that can mean more than you’ll ever know. People in the store, at the post office, on the street as I step across to get coffee, all of them can use a kind hello.

    So howdy, Kristen. I hope your day is chuck full of blessings.


  2. Kristen,
    I love this series. You are so thoughtful about your life, and in the midst of disappointment and pain you still look for the good parts that remind you that you are loved. Thank you for sharing these parts of your life. Onward and upward!

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