Kate is 8!

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! I cannot believe she is eight years old. Kind, creative, and fun, I am proud to be her momma.

A little interview, for fun.

What was the best thing about being 7? All the fun things we learned in 2nd grade, especially about Ancient Egypt.

What are you most proud of learning? How to do flips off the diving board.

What was the best book you read? Tales from the Odyssey: The Land of the Dead by Mary Pope Osborne.

What is your favorite song? Call Me Maybe.

What is your favorite tv show? Phineas and Ferb.

What are you looking forward to about being 8? The 3rd grade chariot race.

What college do you want to go to? UNC or Rhodes.

Do you think you’ll get married when you grow up? Have any kids? Yes, I think I’ll get married and have four kids.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A singer-songwriter when I am young and then a librarian when I am older.

4 responses to “Kate is 8!

  1. So sweet! I love eight! :)
    I know you control Kate & Lexi’s Goodreads account, but Charlotte has her own account now and added K & L… and now she keeps asking me has she met them, and really wants to meet them again because she doesn’t remember. I know your trips back here are hectic, but I hope that sometime we can work that out. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Kate!

    Phineas and Ferb is one of my favorite shows, and has some of the best writing on TV. Kate’s career aspirations are awesome too!


  3. Happy belated Birthday to Kate!!

    I have fond memories of first meeting her at your parents’ house when she was but a wee one. Hard to believe it’s been 8 years!

    Oh, and I love that she wants to be a librarian someday :)

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