Truth and Reputation

Last month, World Magazine’s blog published a letter our friend Molly wrote to her four young adult sons about reputation. The letter itself and Molly’s new blog are both worth reading!

In an earlier version of the letter Molly posted on facebook, she wrote that she had always prayed that if her sons were in sin, that they would be caught. This idea was new and refreshing to me. We are afraid of the truth sometimes. Afraid to admit the truth to ourselves. Afraid to show our vulnerabilities to others. But we know that the truth will set us free. Instead of being enslaved to secret sins or delusional thoughts, the truth brings freedom to grapple with reality and move forward.

Our sin has consequences and the longer it goes on, the worse things can get. Sin steals joy from us and destroys our peace. But there is hope and healing available to us. As Molly said, “Even when you fall you have a way forward—a well-worn path through repentance, confession, forgiveness, restoration, and hope.”

As I meditate on this, I am praying for myself and my family as Molly has, for our sin to be revealed to us. And if we resist that revelation, that we would be caught in sin. The reality is that sin easily entangles us, and we should not be surprised to find ourselves sinning. But we should not let shame or our reputation prevent us from embracing the path of repentance. It may feel easier to live a lie for a little while, but it will only bring more slavery. Praying that we will believe that the truth brings real freedom.

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