Quick Trip Summary, in Chronological Order

(+) Seeing two friends who have dated for years longer than I have known Mike *finally* get married
(+) Seeing other friends at their wedding
(+) Getting to make a quick trip to Chapel Hill to pop in and see the Harpers and Moseleys
(+) Seeing my sister in cap and gown and Reba as the speaker at baccalaureate
(+) Spending a little time with my family
(+) Randomly meeting Michelle (of Belly Dancer’s Nightcap) and her sweet Jack in an elevator at the Raleigh airport
(+) Getting to see some of Mike’s relatives for the first time in 18 months
(+) In-N-Out
(+) Getting to see some extended family and old friends at Laura’s graduation party

(-) Mike having to drive back from NC to Richmond and back again for a morning meeting last week
(-) The logistics of flying with two under two
(-) The worst flight attendant EVER
(-) Being without luggage for 27 hours
(-) not getting to spend as much time with everyone as we would like

3 responses to “Quick Trip Summary, in Chronological Order

  1. Glad y’all are back. *hug*

  2. Welcome Back….when are you moving? Praying for you during this busy time. :-)

  3. We’re closing a month from yesterday. The preceeding weekend we will load our things, and then ABF will deliver them Thursday, Friday or Monday (we are toying with having them wait a few days so we can paint.)

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