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  1. I think it is funny that you, the Baxters, and we all bought vans within 2 weeks of each other LOL


  2. Thanks!

    FYI: That is not a scratch on the side, it’s the reflection of the curb. Hard to see when the pic is this small :o)

  3. Looks great! I’m so excited for y’all! I know your family will be glad you’re driving back and forth in something more reliable.

    Maybe one day for us… before #3 anyway, we don’t have room for any more passengers in our Pathfinder!

  4. *grin*

    Looks beautiful!

    Oh, they are SO convenient! My MIL still drives a minivan, and her youngest has been driving on his own for over two years. . .

  5. Aaah- more minivan envy! We are going to shove all of us, our gear, our gifts, (the dog will go elsewhere or we would never all fit) and then drive many many hours over the river and through the woods to shane’s grandmother’s house. Ugh.

  6. I’m feeling a mite covetous myself. Who would’ve thought 3.5 years ago sitting in a reli class that I would soon be envying your minivan!

  7. COOL! It’s purty.

  8. i’m jealous! i saw two of those yesterday and thought of you guys. two kids is too many for a passat, i’ve decided. we need something bigger. and my key is always dropped in between the seat and the middle thingy (catbird seat) and it hurts like you wouldn’t believe to retrieve it.


  9. one kid and a dog is too big for a Passat! (We also have one.) That key alone is an issue for us. Mine is in 2 pieces and won’t stay on my keychain, but I refuse to pay the hundred plus bucks to fix it! I do like the way it drives though!

  10. love it! I think y’all made an excellent choice =)

  11. yup, ours is beige, how boring. But how amazingly convenient and it just feels safer :)

  12. Yes, Congrats, and I was thinking the same thing as Dawn!

    I think they may be going down the family of 5 road alone for a while, though!

    We have the Japanese car trifecta, by the way- a Toyota, a Honda, and a Nissan. Though if my family asks, the Nissan is an American car!

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