TCL 2007 Reading Challenge

I have several inter-connected goals for the new year regarding reading. 

  1. Read more books.
  2. Write more reviews (at least for 1/3 of the books I read) to post on the blog and
  3. Keep track of books I’d like to read and actually read them.

Anyhow, anyone want to join in the fun and read/review more in 2007?   If several people do, perhaps I can make a little graphic and we can check in regularly.  If not, I will go it alone ;o)

3 responses to “TCL 2007 Reading Challenge

  1. I’ll join in. And would love a little graphic.

  2. Cool :o)

    Upon further reflection, if I were going to summarize the challenge it would be:

    \”Plan better, read more, share more.\”

  3. my mom found your ‘classical life’ and suggested i check your blog out as well…so glad i did. i love your personal reading challenge. i so love reading and can’t imagine my life without a little book to record all of the other little books i’ve read. it’s the best thing! i’d like a little graphic too!

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