I enjoyed the retreat, thanks for asking.  After the retreat on hospitality I did spend some time practicing it, and life is a little busy across the board.  Rare morning naps, so I may try to catch up on some book posts!

4 responses to “Retreat

  1. Today is Ash Wednesday. I remember your lovely post/pic from when Kate was a baby.

  2. We went again this year, Kate’s never missed an Ash Wednesday.

    I think Shrove Tuesday pancakes somewhere (free at iHop, at a local church, at home…) and then Ash Wednesday services is a good family tradition.

  3. My five-year-old’s comment to my wife upon returning home from our Ash Wednesday service:

    “Papa put dirt on my face.”

  4. Oh, and how I became “Ren” up there I’ll never know.

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