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I am 25 years old and was born in New York. I have three younger siblings and am so happy with being one of four, I want to have four kids, too. I thought I had never worked in food service, but I have, twice. Good call, Reba. My favorite color is blue and my favorite season is fall. When I was young I wanted to be a journalist, but now I’d like to be a librarian someday. My favorite author is Chaim Potok. I have never seen LOST. My younger daughter’s first name is Alexine. (Like Josephine, but Alexine, it’s a family name.) I have been a Southern Baptist, a member of the Assemblies of God and also the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals, but never the OPC. I like to buy comfortable shoes. I can’t dive, use a lighter or start the lawnmower, but I can say the alphabet backwards.

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  1. I knew you wanted four! Other than that, I bombed the quiz. Can I still be your friend, even if I don’t know you? *eg*

  2. I can say the alphabet backwards as well. Why did you end up learning it? It’s not really something people just happen to pick up… I learned it because I wanted to outdo my grandfather, who memorized the alphabet backwards while standing guard in Pearl Harbor during WWII. When I was little and sang my ABC’s he’d try to throw me off by singing his ZYX’s! :)

  3. OK, so you like to buy comfortable shoes … which are necessities. I still think your weakness is bags because you just bought a bunch of high-end grocery bags. :) So there.

    I missed two that you’ve told me the answers to and am embarassed about that. And I guessed the less obvious choice on a few and paid for that. Duh … of course you can say the alphabet backwards!

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