Super (Dee Duper?) Tuesday

We’ve been watching the debates all along, but it gets more exciting with Super Tuesday fast approaching. We’ve acquired our voter registration cards and we’re ready to cast our votes.

Who’s watching tonight’s debate? What do you think?

17 responses to “Super (Dee Duper?) Tuesday

  1. We watched the first half (before LOST) on the computer and I was a bit disappointed, but of course I’m a RP fan and I should learn that they will almost always give him less questions or cut him off mid-answer in these debates. At least he got one good answer in! I got tired of the Romney-McCain back n’ forth but was entertained by Huckabee, though not impressed. I’m curious as to who you guys are voting for now that Thompson is out…

  2. Ditto.

    I’m for Paul, but if he’s not running after Super Tuesday, I’ll probably vote for Obama if wins the primary.

  3. With total respect, I am curious as to why people (like Sarah above) could be RP fans, and then willingly vote for Obama, whose political values are diametrically opposed to a libertarian-type like RP. It totally baffles me. :)

  4. Whenever I take a quiz about who I should vote for it lists Obama first and Paul second. I think this because there is some overlap between liberal cultural values and libertarianism, depending on how the questions are phrased. My suspicion, too, is that much of the campaign information (and many of these quizzes) are gauged towards judging opinions on cultural questions rather than economic ones because everyone assumed until about a month ago that the campaign was going to be about the war and a number of cultural issues (same sex marriage, abortion rights, etc.). The only big economic issue, until the recent stock market fluctuations, was shaping up to be health insurance. And, btw, RP has areas where he is hardly a libertarian: his pro-life stance, for example.

  5. That’s interesting, SB. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Like many former Thompson supporters, both Michael and I are supporting Mitt Romney.

  7. I’m leaning toward Mitt, too.

  8. You’d really vote for a practising Mormon?

    Don’t you fear normalising Mormonism by electing a Mormon president?

  9. Yes and no.

    Mormonism IS normalized. My parents live across the street from their local Mormon church and there are two wards that meet there, over 800 people. That’s in the Southeast in a town of 14,000 with a Southern Baptist seminary in the middle of town.

    Mitt Romney has demonstrated his leadership in business and government in a way that makes him the most compelling candidate to me. If he had the same credentials and was Jewish, I’d vote for him. Why does Mormonism make it a done deal? I took a sr/grad seminar in Mormonism and feel like I understand their doctrine and practice pretty well and it just doesn’t bother me deeply. Do I think it’s incorrect? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that they are all going to hell in a handbasket.

  10. Perhaps normalise isn’t the best word. How about popularise? People know the difference between Judaism and Christianity, and even Islam and Christianity (although less and less these days). Not as many do regarding Mormonism, and many people just look at it as another Protestant denomination, which it isn’t. It’s completely outside the pale. However, if a Mormon is elected president, I’m concerned that it would legitimise Mormonism in many wouldbe Christians minds and steer them away from the faith.

  11. I have not seen any practicing Christians become Mormons in my personal experience, so I don’t see that as an issue. *shrug* If Christians don’t know the difference between creedal Christianity and Mormonism, I think the blame rests solely on the church.

  12. I’m not talking about practising, but wouldbe Christians, as in people who are following a draw toward the church and Christ, but don’t yet know the difference between Mormonism and Christianity, or that the question of whether Jesus is God or not actually matters.

  13. Well then Christianity still needs to be doing a better job. *shrug* We’re letting a bunch of 19 year olds in white shirts and ties siphon off people who should be in our churches. Shame on us. I don’t think Mitt Romney will make any difference.

  14. I have to agree with Kristen. Mormonsim is already extremely fast-growing. Southern Baptists are the number one converts to Mormonism–if I remember correctly. I say, shame on the church. If we weren’t avoiding the gospel and instead preaching moralism, perhaps we wouldn’t lose so many.

    I’m interested in someone who I think will actually run the country well, according to the principles of government I agree with. Romney fits the bill.

  15. Yeah, even though I’m not voting for him, I don’t see Romney’s Mormonism as an issue. What bothers me more is his attitude toward spending more of the government’s money, but that’s another topic entirely.

    Oh, and on one quiz I was listed closest to RP in beliefs and farthest from Obama, but I can see how someone might want to vote for him. He is dynamic and positive, but he’s going to cost us a lot of money… I guess really there’s just not another alternative.

    I’d never vote for McCain or Hillary, and I’m hoping neither win their party’s nomination. So, even though I won’t vote Dem, I’m rooting for Obama to win his party’s nomination. I just can’t stand to see another Clinton dynasty. Ugh.

  16. In reality though, a non-Romney vote in any future 08 primary is a vote for McCain. As much as I like some of Ron Paul’s positions and would like to see more libertarian-Republicans, it’s between Mitt and McCain … and I’m voting for Mitt.

  17. I agree with Michael. A “protest vote” might feel good, but in the end accomplishes nothing. And I think Mitt will spend less money than McCain.

    In my opinion. :)

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