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Knope 2012 & Amendment One

Last week I changed my ringtone to the Knope 2012 theme song. Not quite sure what other people think when they hear the stylings of Duke Silver. But I love television, especially Parks and Rec, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

It’s easy to take a stand for a fake candidate. It’s been very interesting to me to watch the state of North Carolina grapple with amendment one from a distance, via facebook and blogs and news reports. I have been surprised by how many friends have taken a stand and publicized their position, like my friend Kari did on her blog. That’s a lot more gutsy than my ringtone. Most of them are promoting a civil dialogue with wisdom and careful rhetoric that I wish our elected leaders would try to emulate.

Though I cannot vote, my thoughts were well summed up by John Hood, president of the conservative John Locke Foundation.

I think amending North Carolina’s constitution to forbid gay and lesbian couples from receiving any future legal recognition, including civil unions, is unwise and unfair. In my opinion the real threat to marriage is not the prospect of gay people getting hitched. It is the reality of straight people too quickly resorting to divorce, or never getting hitched in the first place.

Should I assume and say that anyone who supports the amendment, including friends and colleagues, must be a bigot? Should they assume and say that anyone who opposes the amendment must be faithless, or hostile to family values? Not if we want to live and work together in a civil society. And not if we actually want to persuade rather than to preen, persecute, or provoke. Most North Carolina voters, it seems, are likely to support the amendment. I disagree with them, but that doesn’t mean I should say they all have small minds or evil intent. Once you start down that road, you end up ranting and raving to an ever-shrinking audience characterized by uniform views and smug self-satisfaction.

Love one another, North Carolina. Be good neighbors. I’m praying for you.

Couch Potato of History

I’ve spent a lot of time today watching t.v., enjoying the pomp and the fashion, reflecting on our great nation. Kate is really interested in Barack Obama, probably because she finds his name irresistibly fun to say, and has a goal of meeting him. I know he will be the first president who is really hers, the one she remembers, to whom she will write one of her first letters. For me, that president was Ronald Reagan. Looking forward to their generation’s growing up, and how watching the Obamas in the White House will be one more step towards becoming a nation where race will not divide us.

Things I Ought to Post About…

Oct books
Halloween kids
recent crafting
how much I love autumn

I am glad the election will be over tomorrow because the noise is deafening. Though I must admit that am finding it sort of hysterical to listen to (a) the evangelical commentary and (b) the flippers (obamacrats and dems for mccain) especially. I’ll be voting and also listening to Mockingbird a time or two while I am editing photos instead of listening to the talking heads drone.

Tired Of Politics…

but this amazing video made me smile. (Atlanta school kids parodying TI’s “Whatever You Like” and laying out the issues.) They were interviewed here, and it’s worth watching, too.

HT to Janelle, my amazing sister, who is currently visiting. Hurray!

Funny Stuff

Did you see the Colbert Report Monday? There is some really funny stuff two minutes into the Democralypse Now segment. It’s nice to have a good laugh in the midst of a wearying campaign season.

Watch it here.

Is HRC Endorsing McCain?

A Survey, Of Sorts.

I drive about 15 miles to work, and today I counted signs.

On a road that leads from the city to McMansion-land (1 mile)
– 1 Obama
– 1 Ron Paul

On a byway around the city (9 miles)
– 8 Huckabee
– 13 Ron Paul

On the East-West Interstate that goes through the city, and coast to coast (2 miles)
– 1 Ron Paul

On the road into our small town (2.5 miles)
– 6 signs for a DELEGATE (Welch) for Obama voters. He really wants to go to the convention.

I found it interesting that there were zero signs for Hillary, McCain and Romney, and only one for Obama. It’s like an inverse corolation between national polling and local signage.

Primary Updates

If you haven’t seen this, you must. When M. sent it to me yesterday, he said it is like America’s Razom Nas Bahato.

I made some calls for Mitt today. It felt good to participate. If it is McCain v. Obama in November, I’m voting for Obama. I know that on the issues no candidate is farther from me, but Obama will at least catalyze the Republican party to change the way they deliver their message.

We vote tomorrow.

Super (Dee Duper?) Tuesday

We’ve been watching the debates all along, but it gets more exciting with Super Tuesday fast approaching. We’ve acquired our voter registration cards and we’re ready to cast our votes.

Who’s watching tonight’s debate? What do you think?

And Now, the Dems

I respect Bill Richardson’s breadth of experience, but policy wise, he’s the pie-in-the-sky candidate.

I have never ever liked Hilary Clinton, and the thought of continuing the Bush-Clinton dynasty is bizarre. We’ll have a female president in my lifetime, so I’m waiting for the right candidate.

I grew up reading about John Edwards the trial lawyer in the local paper and watched his senatorial campaign in high school. That means I’ve lived through three Edwards campaigns. The mill stories are a little old. Watching him do his trial lawyer swank is rather frightening. Another no.

Barack Obama is young, and relatively inexperienced. He skipped a good number of votes in the Senate. But, every time I’ve heard him, I’ve been impressed with his ability to listen to others and find consensus. He’s intelligent enough to surround himself with the best advisors and listen to them.

I actually think Obama winning this election might be the best thing that’s happened to the Republican Party since Reagan. It would give incentive for the Republicans to figure out that the reason they aren’t connecting with young voters isn’t their policy but their delivery. Conservatism needs a new voice, and I think a sound defeat in the election will help usher it in.

My Analysis of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls

I’ll get to the democrats soon. This post isn’t meant to drive all my readership away, just to record my thoughts as we haven’t had such an open race since I’ve been voting!

Guiliani – He’s a good leader, and he’s got some good ideas. I don’t love him but I don’t dislike him as much as I have in the past.

Huckabee – A populist who crosses picket lines? I don’t know that he’s got enough experience and wise counsel to be President.

McCain – I’ve always been pretty middle-of-the-road on McCain. He doesn’t excite me, but he doesn’t turn me off either. He’d make a good VP.

Paul – He probably comes closest to me in ideology, but I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of him as President and the more I hear him talk, the more I’m convinced he’s just too wacky to lead a nation.

Romney – I like that he’s an executive, a leader, and a person of ideas. His negativity really bothers me.

Thompson – He’s got my tenative nod at the moment, a good combination of not seeming too desperate or strange and lining up with me okay on the issues.

Dick Durbin Is an Idiot.

Thanks to the internet, Senators have had 46hr and 8m to read a 3,417 page omnibus spending bill. Apparently, thanks to the internet (and Al Gore!), that is plenty of time for any senator read all 3,417 pages of this spending bill. HOWEVER, Durbin forgot that not all senators are well-educated northern Democrats. We’ve also got us sum dum southernerz in the group (thanks to the internet?) who need a little bit longer to actually read it (at least the small words).

But why bother reading it all at? The democrats like it and they are the ones to clean up Washington, reform Congress and get rid of the pork, right?