Couch Potato of History

I’ve spent a lot of time today watching t.v., enjoying the pomp and the fashion, reflecting on our great nation. Kate is really interested in Barack Obama, probably because she finds his name irresistibly fun to say, and has a goal of meeting him. I know he will be the first president who is really hers, the one she remembers, to whom she will write one of her first letters. For me, that president was Ronald Reagan. Looking forward to their generation’s growing up, and how watching the Obamas in the White House will be one more step towards becoming a nation where race will not divide us.

2 responses to “Couch Potato of History

  1. “irrestibly fun to say” perfectly describes the experience we’re having around here: I must have heard Isaac say “dere’s Bawack Obama” 50 times on Tuesday…

  2. maya and ellery are very interested in all things presidential right now. maya is writing a letter to malia and sasha. ellery thinks i should be president so she can live in the white house. (she really thinks i can! i love three.)

    and yes, his name is fun to say.

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