And Now, the Dems

I respect Bill Richardson’s breadth of experience, but policy wise, he’s the pie-in-the-sky candidate.

I have never ever liked Hilary Clinton, and the thought of continuing the Bush-Clinton dynasty is bizarre. We’ll have a female president in my lifetime, so I’m waiting for the right candidate.

I grew up reading about John Edwards the trial lawyer in the local paper and watched his senatorial campaign in high school. That means I’ve lived through three Edwards campaigns. The mill stories are a little old. Watching him do his trial lawyer swank is rather frightening. Another no.

Barack Obama is young, and relatively inexperienced. He skipped a good number of votes in the Senate. But, every time I’ve heard him, I’ve been impressed with his ability to listen to others and find consensus. He’s intelligent enough to surround himself with the best advisors and listen to them.

I actually think Obama winning this election might be the best thing that’s happened to the Republican Party since Reagan. It would give incentive for the Republicans to figure out that the reason they aren’t connecting with young voters isn’t their policy but their delivery. Conservatism needs a new voice, and I think a sound defeat in the election will help usher it in.

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  1. Funny that you have no comments yet!

    I like what you say about Obama…..and conservatism needing a new voice.

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