Dick Durbin Is an Idiot.

Thanks to the internet, Senators have had 46hr and 8m to read a 3,417 page omnibus spending bill. Apparently, thanks to the internet (and Al Gore!), that is plenty of time for any senator read all 3,417 pages of this spending bill. HOWEVER, Durbin forgot that not all senators are well-educated northern Democrats. We’ve also got us sum dum southernerz in the group (thanks to the internet?) who need a little bit longer to actually read it (at least the small words).

But why bother reading it all at? The democrats like it and they are the ones to clean up Washington, reform Congress and get rid of the pork, right?

One response to “Dick Durbin Is an Idiot.

  1. durbin , thinks he is fooling americans just like reid and pelosi and the other commy dems…they cant pass tax benes for the middle class and poor,,,but they can pass spending that helps gores projects..and lines the elites pockets…americans say drill you morons! cant wait until you get fired..you lazy commys

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