Dear Starbucks

A Doppio Con Panna is an espresso with whipped cream, not a cup of whipped cream with a shot of espresso.


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  1. Michale, I am so sorry that happened to you. I wish that I had a beverage recovery cupon I could just email to you, but sadly they only come in printed form and are kept under lock and key.

    As a Barista who has had bad experiences when on the other side of the counter before and after being hired by the Bux I completely understand your frustration. Please return to the store that made your drink incorrectly and tell them so. We have pledged to get it right every time or we will remake it.

    If you cannot go back to that store due to being away from your normal area, go into your local starbucks and tell them about your dismay and get your drink made there.

    I would also fill out a comment card and fill inthe location where your drink was improperly made because those cards after being reviewed by the company are sent directly to the store. It helps if you can describe the barista so that the individual gets the info.

    Again, I apologize.


  2. Candace, thanks for your sympathy.

    I actually did tell him that it was too much whipped cream and that I wanted a new one, which he promptly made.

    Normally I would simply get a spoon and scoop it out, but I had already watched my espresso sit for a minute or so.

    Not too many people order actual espressos, so I’m normally pretty forgiving (especially with new workers).

  3. Yeah, I always make my new trainees drink a double that has sat for a minute in a short. It is so gross. Technically 10 seconds is the cut off before shots “expire”….now waiting for a triton to appear out of the heavens to skew me and pull me into the murky depths to be eaten by the siren for divuldging secrets…but because you drink them regulary you should know. Your shots should be pulled as you are getting to the hand off counter so that they are as fresh as possible. It only takes 15-19 seconds.

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