Still Waiting

As April winds to a close, I am still waiting for the joy of Easter. With all of the current busy-ness of life (school, photography, getting the house ready to sell, normal stuff, figuring out life for next year) I feel like I haven’t had a chance to rest and heal. I feel weary. Perhaps “weary of earth, myself and sin.” But I am also anxious or something, I couldn’t tell you what, there’s a lot to worry about but it’s nothing specific. But it keeps me from falling asleep, which aggravates my pain, which makes me more weary. There’s just three weeks left of school, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s times like these that I am forced to hope against hope. Because “there is more / more than all this pain / more than all the falling down / and the getting up again.”

I got tagged for a few memes, so there is also hope I will post again soon.

That Revolution Money Exchange deal is good until May 15th now. I got my $25 and a few $10 referrals, too, thanks! I can’t tell who signed up, but appreciate it.

* Special thanks for inspiration to RMM and AP.

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