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I Believe

Parents, have you seen I Believe? It’s the text of the Nicene Creed, illustrated by Pauline Baynes, who also illustrated the Chronicles of Narnia and much of Tolkein’s work. It’s fabulous! We are perma-borrowing one from the library until we buy one ourselves, probably as a Christmas gift for Kate.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Looks great.

  2. Wow. I am so glad to know about this book! Thank you! It went straight onto my wishlist.

  3. You are both welcome :o)

    Just a quick disclaimer, the text is the Catholic version of the creed, which only differs by saying “I believe one Catholic and Apostolic church…” instead of “I believe IN one HOLY, catholic and apostolic church…” but I just say the protestant version and don’t worry about it… it’s such a minor thing.

  4. thanks. added to our wishlist too. too bad there isnt a board book edition, as the kiddo is still a little hard on regular books.

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  6. Very cool. We recited the Nicene Creed in church yesterday and it was a refreshing change from the Apostles Creed. The book looks really great… Though, like Bob and Michelle, we don’t trust the Pook with paper pages yet. Does Kate do alright with these types of books?

  7. All of the paper pages books are stored up high and while reading, Kate looks at them while I turn, instead of turning herself as she usually does with board books (of which she has many and make up the majority of our current reads.) She hasn’t ripped one of her paper pages books yet. *shrug* I am just careful with them never being in her possession alone. She also has access to our library of books in the living room and has never ripped ones of those either. She has ripped phone books and Gideon bibles, though!

  8. Thank you!! Will be added to Christmas wish list for the children!

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