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i wish

i read
the Bible at night with Mike.

i spin
Becoming the Moon
by Mark Williams
Best of 1980-1990
by U2
Best of 1990-2000
by U2
by Ryan Adams
It's Hard to Find a Friend
by Pedro the Lion
Kind of Blue
by Miles Davis, et. al.
by Katy Bowser
Moment Golden
by Spencer Acuff
by Christ Kirkers
They've Got Soul
which i mixed
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
by Wilco

A whole bunch of things can go wrong, but when a friend or a stranger treats me with warmth and love, i forget about the bad things and feel blessed. I am so happy right now, I can hardly sit still. Four more days!

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Mike is in OUR apartment and I am still at home. My computer is now hooked up so the fam has internet access again. Whoopie! I'm taking it away next Thursday and moving it to Texas, so I hope their machine gets fixed in the interim. I wish you could rank things on your registry or at least make little comments like "Hey, we really need these because we don't have a kitchen table and chairs at this point!"

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Our family computer is broken so I don't have easy access! Thanks for all your warm wishes and prayers as we journey through our last week of preparations. I'll try to put the program and vows up for everyone to see sometime this week.

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We've passed into single digits in the countdown to our wedding day. I'd love to say I really enjoyed that, but I've had a very nasty virus for the last 20 or so hours. Ick. Please pray I feel better, I have so much to do!

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I'm very excited about getting married and moving to Austin. However, this morning, I began to realize all that I'm leaving behind. I've lived, studied and worshipped within a twenty-five mile radius for nine years. My friends live here. I know all the back streets and the good deals. My beloved Tarheels are here. I know where I can go and sit under a tree and hide from the world. I know where all the Bojangles are when I have an itchin' for sweet tea. I know where the best barbeque is found. There's plenty of good live music to my tastes, even some I've been a small part of. I can't go to Super Target without bumping into someone I know. I see marriage as a great adventure I can't wait to begin. But a small part of me knows that there I days that I will miss this place. I will begin to sing James Taylor's "Carolina in my Mind" and a small tear will creep into the corner of my eye. No matter where I go, I'll always be from North Carolina. It's strange, I was born and raised in rural upstate New York, but I know that North Carolina shaped me. I'll see my fine blue ridge of mountains and fair, lovely beaches as often as I get the chance. And when I look out over the breathtaking terrain of other places, I will not take them for granted. I just won't forget the beauty of my home.

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Rick is a really great friend. He is good at encouraging and he cheers you up when you are down and he gives it to you straight. Even if I haven't made him a blog of the week in ages, i still think he is wicked cool.

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For everyone on the edge of their seats, I did manage to get tanner and not fatter on the cruise. Eleven more days of painful details and running around and Mike and I will be married. I think we'll make it.

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We've never met, but Phil sent Mike and I a cool wedding gift from our registry. I'll send you a real card in the mail, but here's a little public gratitude in the meantime: Thanks, Phil!

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I passed my one year mark earlier this month for this blog. However, I had a blog before that [partly fiction//partly fact] for 16 months or so, so it didn't seem like a very big deal. I can't seem to keep a blog any longer than that. I mean, soon, this fine site will fade into archival oblivion as I join forces with my husband-to-be. He'll be my husband, then, I suppose.

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I'm "home."
I found out our new address today and gleefully wrote it out and then mapquested it.
I'm really looking forward to being married.
I'm really stressed about getting married.
Thirteen days.

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My motto this cruise is "get tan, not fat." So far I've suceeded in getting a little tan and a little red (in various areas) and trying to resist eating more than 2 or 3 meals a day. It's all about the portion control!

We docked in Costa Maya today. It was fun, but very tourist-y. I took some cool pictures. At some point in my life, I might upload them. I make no promises. I almost got Mike a cuban cigar. I was looking at these nice cigars, just for fun. The guy said, "one for $30, they're [some brand name I don't remember]." I handed the cigar back. "Okay, $25." I stare blankly. "Who was it for? Your boyfriend?" "Fiance" "Young love! I'll give it to your for $20." I just look at him. "$15?" I start to walk away. He shouts after me, "FIVE DOLLARS!" Was that a good price?

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The lovely Ms. Sarah Jones paypalled me $.75 so I would blog. Unfortunately, she used a credit card and not a paypal account, so paypal left me with just $.43. I'll blog for a little over half a minute for you later on, Sarah!

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Surfing the Internet is free today from our ship, the Carnival Glory. It's BRAND new. It's the second or third very first inaugural sailing. It's very, very nice. My sibs and I are sharing an interior room across from the 'rents, who have an oceanview balcony, which is very cool. I tried to plead for seeing the Mayan ruins on our excursion, but I was overruled. We're going sailing on a catamaran and snorkeling. That will be fun. Yay for family vacations.

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It's been mostly cloudy with scattered showers for quite some time in the life of Kristen. I think it is making me insane. I'm leaving for a cruise with my family tomorrow. The best part of cruises, in my experience, is the food. This is really depressing three weeks before W-Day. If you want blog reports from the ship about Mexico and the water and my tan, etc. you're going to have to paypal money to it costs $.75/minute to get online.

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Do yourself a huge favour. Do not fly United.

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Best loved books of the Brits.

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My friend Matt Harper is going to be in Miami for five weeks from late July to August. That means he'll miss out on being an usher in my wedding! I'm sad about that. However, He's looking for people with Miami connections so can fellowship while he's there in Little Havana. Comment here and I'll make sure he gets your messages.

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I'm in California with my fiance.

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"In Dulci Jubilo" is a go. The organist wants to do another arrangement (also by Bach) that has a better way of ending. He also said he was proud of us for choosing such beautiful sacred music :o)

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Just because I like the topic!

1. What were your favourite childhood stories? I loved Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein, and any sort of historic fiction.
2. What books from your childhood would you like to share with [your] children? My favourite children's books today are ones I read later in my teen years: The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, the Time books by Madeline L'Engle, etc.
3. Have you re-read any of those childhood stories and been surprised by anything? I have been surprised by the complexity and maturity of Mildred Taylor's Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. It does an excellent job of portraying race issues in the South in the time period, and isn't a giant stereotype. [ASIDE: I hope Matt Harper does not read this and burst my bubble].
4. How old were you when you first learned to read? Before Kindergarten. I've never discussed it at length with my parents, so I am not sure.
5. Do you remember the first 'grown-up' book you read? How old were you? I always read every book I could get my hands on. My mother had four Reader's Digest Condensed Books that i know I read at 8, the murder-mystery type. That was the same year I secretly read their Dobson books so I could figure out parenting.

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Give us faith to be strong, Father we are so weak
Our bodies are fragile and weary
As we stagger and stumble to walk where You lead
Give us faith to be strong

Give us faith to be strong
Give us strength to be faithful
This life is not long but itís hard
Give us grace to go on
Make us willing and able
Lord, give us faith to be strong

Give us peace when weíre torn, mend us up when we break
The flesh can be wounded and shaking
And when thereís much too much trouble for one heart to take
Give us peace when weíre torn

Give us faith to be strong
Give us strength to be faithful
This life is not long but itís hard
Give us grace to go on
Make us willing and able
Lord, give us faith to be strong

Give us hearts to find hope, Father, we cannot see
How the sorrow we feel can bring freedom
And as hard as we try, Lord, itís hard to believe
So give us hearts to find hope
Give us peace when weíre torn
Give us faith to be strong
-- Andrew Peterson

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Real Live Preacher is a fantastic blog. I highly suggest you read it. The author uses profanity, so it might not be suitable for reading when your six-year-old is on your lap.

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We're aiming for good, clean fun. Any suggestions? This is what I have so far, in no particular order:
FIRST DANCE - At Last + Etta James
FATHER / DAUGHTER - The Painter Song + Norah Jones
Ainít No Mountain High Enough + Diana Ross with Marvin Gaye
How Sweet it is to be Loved By You + James Taylor
Celebration + Kool and the Gang
Cha-cha Slide
The Way You Look Tonight + Nat King Cole or Sinatra
Carolina Girls + Chairmen of the Board
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic + The Police
We are Family + Sister Sledge
Your Love Has Lifted Me (Higher and Higher) + Rita Coolidge
Signed, Sealed, Delivered + Stevie Wonder
When a Man Loves a Woman + Percy Sledge
Itís Raining Men + The Weather Girls
Dancing in the Streets
Play that Funky Music White Boy
With This Ring + The Platters
Love Shack + B52s
Dancing Queen + ABBA
For the Longest Time + Billy Joel
My Girl + Temptations
What a Wonderful World + Louis Armstrong
I Will Survive + Gloria Gaynor
Grease Megamix + Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Footloose + Kenny Loggins
Dancing in the Moonlight + Van Morrison
Iím A Believer + Smash Mouth
Nearness of You + Norah Jones
It Had to Be You + Harry Connick Jr.
In Your Eyes + Peter Gabriel

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Edy's Espresso Chip ice cream is very yummy.

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The house where I am staying this week (taking care of a vacationing family's dog) has Church brand toilet seats. Seeing the word "Church" on the toilet makes me feel very sacreligious.

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