First Day for Lexi

Look out kindergarten, here comes Lexi! Alexine, I will always think of your K4 year with Mrs. Farmer as your first year of real school, but that doesn’t make this year any less of a big deal.

I know that you will work hard, so I pray that you grow in wisdom and humility as you learn. I pray that you will love well and show kindness to your classmates. I hope that you have fun, lots of fun.

Never forget that your momma loves you, and you can always come home to me.

7 responses to “First Day for Lexi

  1. Saddle shoes and pig tails … very sweet.

    How’d these kids get so big, anyway?

  2. Beautiful Lexi and beautiful Kate!

  3. Thanks, y’all!

    I have no idea how they got so big. Lexi is modeling the non-chapel day option in uniforms and saddle keds. Kate has some more grown up saddle oxfords. They were not allowed in Birmingham so they are super exciting!

  4. Growing up so fast!

  5. ♥ Beautiful ♥ Thank you so much for sharing Kristen. Is eases the pain of being so far away from you all ♥ I love and miss you all =)

  6. Grandma Sharon

    Beautiful girls, Kristen. Thank you for posting

  7. Tammy Johnston

    your girls are both so precious and sweet. Thanks so much for posting, praying for both of your little (growing quickly!) ones…

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