#sundayread tweets

Most Sundays I share some links on twitter with the #sundayread hashtag. Here are this week’s.

A State Grooms Its Best Students to Be Good Teachers http://nyti.ms/ogE7jb {a program that should be duplicated, not cut.}

Riots erupt as Christians protest in Cairo, 6 dead http://bit.ly/nSJaso

A tough new Alabama law targets illegal immigrants and sends families fleeing http://wapo.st/rmYb5r

The Shame of College Sports http://bit.ly/mUmXcH (from @theatlantic)

Bonus links from the week:

Interesting thoughts on Occupy Wall Street from America (the Nat’l Catholic Weekly) http://bit.ly/p4z6hk

Suburban sprawl can work like Ponzi Scheme for city budgets. http://bit.ly/ppPII1

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