There’s something very nostalgic about postcards. Sending a small greeting on a little card that anyone can read is thrilling. I think that has contributed a little bit to the wild success of postsecret, the medium as well as the practice of sharing secrets.

I love receiving postcards in the mail, and sending them too. It’s great to save on postage, if you are mailing a large quantity of items, $.15 off each piece can add up, especially if you get a great deal on postcard printing. 500 postcards for $33 would certainly qualify.

A few years ago, I designed some super cute birth announcement postcards for a few families, and I think a postcard could make a fun Christmas greeting as well. If it’s too informal for Christmas for you, perhaps you could do a special Thanksgiving or Valentine’s postcard. Get creative, people love seeing pictures of your family any time of the year and the space constraints for messages will keep your updates pithy and interesting!

Consider the humble postcard for weddings as well, they are great for save the dates and RSVPs. Even though some people are going smaller with business cards, a postcard could be great as an oversized business card / small advertisement for your small business. A good design is worth spending time or money on, even for something as small as a postcard. Make it memorable, and send it off!

I was compensated for writing this post. That doesn’t mean I don’t love postcards. I really really do.

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  1. Years and years ago (like late 80s/early 90s) I designed a simple Christmas card and had it printed. . . I still have a couple around.

    I’d like to send Christmas postcards this year, too. . . but so much has happened that I think we’ll need to go for a full letter!

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