We had our first snowfall of the season today. As we need to reinstall Coppermine, for now the only place you can find new family pictures of snow play, pigtails and more is Kate’s blog.

4 responses to “Snow

  1. wow … u’ve red jka smith’s b00k on rad0x! :D nice. … dunno how that can come rite b4 sophies werld tho :/

  2. Berek,
    M. read Sophie’s World because his classical school students were for another class (not Latin or Greek, obviously) and he was curious about it. He actually finished it before the Smith book, as we add newly finished books to the top of our lists.

  3. Cutest. Coat. EVER. She’s so precious!

  4. Brianna —
    Thanks! When we found out we were having another girl, I really wanted a coat I could look at for two winters and love for both of them. I had to stalk ebay to get one because they stopped making them! But I managed to find a new one and Kate had birthday money so… I just had to indulge myself :o)

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