Love Me Some Pinterest

The girls got some angry birds valentines from Michael’s mom that they filled out to their classmates and were very excited about. In their previous classes it felt like everyone gave small gifts or candy, so I wanted to do a little something without going overboard on time or money. Lexi’s class has a few kids with allergies or who are gluten free, so food / candy stresses me out. I saw an idea on pinterest, spent $3 on glow bracelets, used paper and printable labels I already had, and voila!

Now everyone gets two valentines from Kate and Lexi, they got to practice their handwriting, and I wasn’t stressed. Win-win-win.

3 responses to “Love Me Some Pinterest

  1. I’m not a craft-oriented person, but those are pretty cool.

  2. Last week I held a tube of glow bracelets from the dollar bin at Target and wondered how they could be Valentine’s presents. Now I know. The parents from my children’s classes next year and I are in your debt.

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