Rock of Ages

I went to a screening of Rock of Ages Tuesday night, and though my week has been busy, I wanted to share my thoughts on the film for you, kind readers.

Calling Rock of Ages a film is probably a stretch. It’s straight up guilty pleasure. It is cheesy and laugh out loud funny. The music is fun and infectious. Supporting actors like Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Mary J. Blige add a great deal to the fun and enjoyment, overall.

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jax was a little much. He would have been better used more sparingly. And at one point, I just really wanted him to put on a shirt.

The choreography and singing performances were hit and miss. I found a few of the dance scenes painful to watch. In the age of autotune, it’s less fun to watch a musical movie. Everyone seems a little too polished.

My guess is that the Broadway show is incredibly fun. I bet I’d be disappointed if I’d seen it first. But as it stands, I thought Rock of Ages was good fun.

One of the more disturbing things about the screening was the children in attendance. I kept staring at one family hoping they’d take out their sons (Kate and Lexi’s age.) There are scenes in a gentleman’s club and of women throwing themselves at Tom Cruise, as well as other inappropriate situations. They fit the sex, drugs and rock and roll 80s vibe, but are not anything I’d let my kids see for many years.

I’d probably wait for the DVD, but if you love 80s music, it would make a fun girls night out (it was for my friend Kathy and I).

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  1. I’ve been considering going to this – I am an 80s hair band addict, although I don’t often admit it in public. For some reason the previews just didn’t sell it for me. Thanks for the advice on taking kids – It crossed my mind it might give my children an insight into the music I sometimes listen to, but now I know to wait a few more years / genres. But never fear, I will be playing 80s at my next backyard party!

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