The Playroom

I uploaded some pictures of the playroom to flickr with lots of notes.

My favorite thing about the playroom is the vertical storage of a HUGE Ikea bookcase and Rubbermaid bins.  It helps all the toys stay organized and helps the kids play better.

Still a work in progress.

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  1. Your house is lovely! Just lovely! Big sigh here as we are about to start looking to buy a house here in ridiculously expensive Hawaii. Nothing remotely like your house here, and if there were, it’d be well over a million dollars.

    I have a feeling this house-hunting will be for me a lesson in lowering my expectations.

  2. I LOVE it! The blue is inspiring.

    Funny I put up a post about kids’ rooms today, too. Must be all this Indoors Time we’re having.

    I’m a hug fan of Ikea storage solutions. I use the Trofast bins on a shelf: one for trains, one for cars, one for wood blocks, one for magnetic blocks, etc.

  3. Fun! I’ve got ideas for the future. And can I echo the “I LOVE IKEA!”?! I can’t go too often, or I get sucked in…

    We’re hoping to rent/possibly buy a house this summer (most likely rent) because we definitely need more space. Atlanta is expensive, but I highly doubt it’s as expensive as Hawaii. Good luck, Jeanette!

  4. I love it, I love it!!! Can you come and do my playroom?! My whole house?

    Actually, we are in dire need of spring clearing and cleaning. It looks like we’ll be in this house at least another year, maybe two. I don’t know how to clear and get rid of stuff without moving. Seriously. . . Our second flat in Ukraine was the first place we’d lived for more than a year since we got married. (And growing up, our second house in San Antonio we lived in for 3 years–longest time in one place ever for me.) Hmmm. . . No wonder I told Hubby yesterday he should start looking for positions overseas, and maybe consider that instead of a doctoral program.

    Anyway. . . We need to do mega sorting and purging and organizing of papers, toys, sentimental stuff. Those are the things that seem to reproduce in corners and closets for us.

  5. Allison,

    I’m not actually the one house-hunting in Hawaii (though Hawaii sounds VERY nice about now).

    However, a friend of mine is selling their house in the Atlanta area, and it seems like a good price for the area (160K region) and is really sweet. They’ve put a lot of work into.
    Best to you and your search!

  6. Wow! Your kids have tons of toys! The playroom looks great. Wonderful job. I just love all the colors that you have chosen for your house.

  7. Well, the playroom was that color when we bought the house… we’ve painted four rooms but there aren’t good pictures of them.

    I need to work on that.

  8. oh, it looks really wonderful! that shelf is my kind of organzing–open and visible. then i can remember what i have and where it is. :)

  9. That shelf rocks. We have a lot of medium-sized toys that don’t really have homes, and that shelf seems to work great for that sort of thing.

    We’re definitely fitting into the playroom space better, though, with the futon at the end of the room. Baby steps!

  10. Oops, sorry– I should’ve said, “Good luck, Anne” with the house in Hawaii thing. My brain is totally gone these days—so-called “mommy brain.”

    Like tonight, when I picked up a cart outside Publix and took it through the store and unloaded it and everything, but didn’t realize until I tried to take it back that it was a shopping cart from the Target next door. It’s bright red! You’d think I’d notice!

    Oh, and the whole nesting instinct is totally kicking in…I’m systematically decluttering the apartment and organizing to find a place for EVERYTHING. Thanks for all the neatness inspiration. We’re far from it– neat, that is– but I’m sure trying.

  11. It is a cute house and that is a very slick way to organize the toys. We have a system where we have three groups of toys in bins that we rotate. When the kids get board with one group we swap it out for another. This does two things. It allows us to weed out toys that they are getting to old for so we can pass them along to my younger nephews. It’s what my sisters have done for us with their older kids old toys so we are passing the favor along to my sister-in-law. Rotating them also makes them seem new to my boys. When we leave then all out they seem to be board with all of them when we rotate them they seem new. It seems like the only thing missing are some rugs. Maybe we will have to hit IKEA for some shelve units and totes

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