My Thoughts Towards ’08

McCain: Depends on his running mate ’cause he’s looking a lot more frail than in 2000.

Paul: I love to listen to this guy. He may very well be an example of ‘book smarts’ vs. ‘street wise’ that my Dad always lectured me on, but I do like to listen.

Thompson: I think I’d pay to watch him campaign against Hillary/Obama/Edwards. If he’d treat them like he did Michael Moore, it’d be a pay-per-view event. He reminds me of a smart, savvy, witty John Wayne.

Rudy: I like that he actually has executive leadership. Yes, yes. Kristen brought up Huckebee (or whomever), but, really, I think it takes more leadership to run NYC than it does to run Arkansas. Would Houston Nutt be treated like than in NYC. I doubt it.

In all seriousness, I’ve been ready Rudy’s book on leadership (aptly titled, Leadership). The principles are rather run-of-the-mill, but I love the insight into running NYC, all the stories, especially how they relate to 9/11.

Your thoughts? BTW, this is Michael, Kristen’s husband.

6 responses to “My Thoughts Towards ’08

  1. My thoughts: If there was a Democrat I liked, and I didn’t know the P’s who will beat me up if I don’t vote Republican, I’d be tempted.

    I’m also waiting ’til the field narrows a bit to care, since I don’t love any candidate that much.

  2. What are your thoughts on the Democratic side? We’re in Edwards country up here, but my mind is open.

  3. We are kinda leaning toward Thompson here in TN, and VERY glad to be out of Edwards Country right about now. It was bad enough the last time around.

    For fun daily Fred Thompson “facts” go to (BTW- I have no stake in that site and cannot vouch for the content of all of it. Mostly family friendly and funny though.)

  4. David Palmer! David Palmer! David Palmer!

  5. I’m a fan of Ron Paul, just from what I’ve seen about his platform–plus, he’s a representative for Houston, so he’s a hometown boy here, and a lot of people seem to like him.

  6. As for the Dems, I haven’t been wow-ed by any of them. Perhaps they’re trying to play conservative b/c so many feel like this election is the Dems to lose.

    On the news I saw a pollster who was working the Dem debate talking about 25 (+/-) folks who were the ‘official voting democrats’ that night. It seems like the consensus was the Edwards won, Biden was 2nd, and Hillary was 3rd. Folks gave Obama dead last. I guess he didn’t bring his A game that night.

    Somehow I seem to miss ALL the debates. I need to get an update in my RSS or something.

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