My Analysis of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls

I’ll get to the democrats soon. This post isn’t meant to drive all my readership away, just to record my thoughts as we haven’t had such an open race since I’ve been voting!

Guiliani – He’s a good leader, and he’s got some good ideas. I don’t love him but I don’t dislike him as much as I have in the past.

Huckabee – A populist who crosses picket lines? I don’t know that he’s got enough experience and wise counsel to be President.

McCain – I’ve always been pretty middle-of-the-road on McCain. He doesn’t excite me, but he doesn’t turn me off either. He’d make a good VP.

Paul – He probably comes closest to me in ideology, but I don’t feel comfortable with the thought of him as President and the more I hear him talk, the more I’m convinced he’s just too wacky to lead a nation.

Romney – I like that he’s an executive, a leader, and a person of ideas. His negativity really bothers me.

Thompson – He’s got my tenative nod at the moment, a good combination of not seeming too desperate or strange and lining up with me okay on the issues.

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  1. Thanks for the breakdown of your thoughts.

    I don’t have as many staunch opinions as of yet…up until a few weeks ago I was wrapped up in too many other things. However, my interest is now piqued.

    I am missing the debates tonight due to work…forgot to mention to my dh to record the debates–hopefully I can watch them on the internet sometime this week.

    Anyways, interested in hearing your thoughts on the Dems…I’m neither a Dem or a Rep…though I usually lean Rep…we will see what this year actually boils down to in the end. It should be interesting.

  2. Wow. Excellent summary. I don’t think I could have done that in as few words as you did. I agree with you on every point, however, I wouldn’t have used “wacky” to describe Paul. Hmm, well, maybe I would have.

  3. i agree with you, generally. i don’t like huckabee–maybe more strongly than you. and i’m liking mccain more than i thought i would/did.

    i really like obama. too bad i’m generally for small government. :)

  4. i have to say that this is the first race where “none of the above” would really apply. the only person i can tolerate is obama — everyone else just doesn’t excite me.

  5. One thing I like about Obama/Huckabee’s rise is that, I think, it signals a new direction in national leadership.

    Post-whatevers are making grounds in lots of fields and I’m excited to see it begin in politics. The traditional Red/Blue, Dove/Hawk, blah, blah, blah of our parents and grandparents are, I think, a thing of the past. I’m not sure what the future holds, but it will be different (dare I say, change?!).

    I hope that Huck’s rise, though, doesn’t signal that the future is a big gov nanny-state that going to try and solve all my problems.

  6. One interesting tidbit I picked up online is that being an illegal immigrant is illegal (hence the term), but not criminal. It is not an actually crime, being her illegally, just against the law.

    I’m not sure how that works, but I read about it on NRO here.

  7. I wrote a summary for a friend specifically about the debate and how I felt each candidate did. (Though the debates influenced this as well.) Thought I’d post it as a comment.

    It was pile on Romney day, but I think he handled it okay. (Lots of accusations of flip-flopping and negative ads mentioned). He wasn’t GREAT, but he seemed smart and executive.

    Huckabee took some cheap shots at Mitt and sorta flip-flopped himself. (Painted himself as a constitutionalist, when he supports a national ban on smoking, etc.) But, he had some good moments and I wouldn’t say it was a bad debate for him overall.

    Ron Paul sounded like a conspiracy theorist and everyone made fun of him. Proving again that he can’t lead a country if his own party thinks he’s a wacked-out man who doesn’t have the first clue about reality. (Which they made quite clear.)

    Fred Thompson was laid back, but did well. He wasn’t on the attack, he was intellectually honest. I sorta want to see him want it more, but I like him.

    Guiliani sounded smart and in control and executive. If he and I saw eye to eye on the issues, I’d be excited about him.

    McCain doesn’t excite me or push me away. They attacked him on immigration (“his achilles heel” saith the analysts.) I think he’d make a good VP.

  8. I need to learn more about Romney. I don’t agree with Guiliani on everything, but I’m at a point where I may end up being okay with that. I’m surprised at how popular Ron Paul is…..I appreciate some of his ideas, but agree that he seems goofy and conspiracy theorist.

  9. Thanks for the further recap.

    I like *some* of Ron Paul’s ideas too…but he does seem to cross the line into somthing…maybe wacky, nuts…don’t know..but along those lines.

    I like Obama as a person. Not sure beyond that..have to research more. If I went that way…it would be the first time I would vote for a Dem…hmmm…almost like changing religions…not sure how that will go and my parents would freak if they knew.

    Most likely I will stick with a Rep…but I agree with whoever said they weren’t too excited about anyone. I like Fred T….but agree with Kristen in that I wish he came across as wanting it just a bit more.

  10. I’ve heard “wacky” used to describe Ron Paul a lot and I’m trying to pin down why he gets that label. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and I think that I’m so accustomed to him that I don’t see his oddness like others do. Is it his policy or his personality that makes him seem strange?

    btw, I’m with you on your analysis except for Romney (can’t stand him) and Thompson (I sorta like him too, but he doesn’t have my vote)

  11. Similar analysis I’d give, except for on Ron Paul and Romney. Romney seems like the politician verson of a Stepford wife. I want to pull the string on his back to hear what he says next. RP I happen to think is brilliant, though we don’t see completely eye-to-eye on defense issues… which is a big deal.

    This is one year that I honestly don’t know how I’ll vote.

  12. For me, it’s a little bit of personality, a little bit of policy and a lot “lone-ranger” mentality that makes me think RP is wacky.

    The President is an executive, executives need to be discerning and surround themselves with the brightest experts possible, and I just don’t see RP as presidential.

    Huckabee’s disorganized campaign is convincing me he doesn’t have the executive prowess either.

    I am used to Mormons so I see Romney more in that context and don’t find him too Stepford-ish, just cautious.

  13. Huckabee’s view of business freaks me out. (It’s got too much in common with Edwards.) I’m not at all sure about his “fair” tax idea, either. I think Romney is the Kerry of this election. The Republicans are every bit as scary as the Democrats.

    I’m voting for Ralph Wiggum.


  14. I pretty much agree with your assessment, Kristen, and I’m leaning toward Thompson right now.

    Martha, your description of Romney as a Stepford wife is dead on! :-) I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I he bothers me, and you articulated it.

  15. The only two people I would consider voting for will not get the nomination – Ron Paul and Fred Thompson (and Thompson, well, I’d be holding my nose).

    Paul is a good man. He’s kind, decent, well studied. I think it’s interesting that people keep saying, “He seems” to be this or that, as though a perception problem is enough to keep someone from voting for him.

    I don’t think he’s wacky at all, he’s just not suited to the sound byte wars.

  16. I’m not too into any of ’em either. My parents really like Fred, so maybe he’s good- I don’t know much about him. Huckabee bothers me because he paints himself as an evangelical but just seems slick and insincere, which is NOT a good witness IMHO. I realize that people say “Bush lied”, but that’s just a political smear. W is nobody’s smarmy politico- he’s a stand-up guy. I’d vote for him if I could.

  17. I’m really curious to know what Ron Paul fans think of the recent New Republic reports about his newsletters….Even takem out of context, and even written by someone else under his name, the quotes seem….yikes.

  18. I meant “taken” out of context, and yes, I am aware that the New Republic is liberal. :)

  19. I am leaning very much toward Ron Paul. I don’t understand why wondering about conspiracies are kooky or nutty… not like I am looking for black helicopters or anything, but Bush sold us a bill of goods… I don’t trust the big media, big pharma, or the government, who seems to be controlled by all of the above.

    Huckabee has flip-flopped too often, is too inconsistent, and his RECORD, folks, speaks for itself. C’mon!

    Ron Paul has been consistent, I can say that much.

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