Websites I Recommend

Here are some websites I use, love, and recommend.

Goodreads is where most of my book reviews have found themselves these days. I love being able to instantly see the rating several friends have given a book when I look at it, many of my choices for new books to read come straight out of Goodreads. Keeping track of the girls’ books on their account is helpful and a category for books I own and haven’t read on my own means I don’t even have to go scan the shelves for that information. Literary laziness is a lovely combination. downloads are much cheaper than itunes or amazon, about $.50 a track. Sign up for a subscription and you can add extra credits via booster pack when you want more and freeze your account without deleting it when you are well stocked up or don’t want to spend money that month.

PaperBackSwap is a great website for those building home libraries. If you need a book next week, it may not come through for you, but by being patient and using the wish list feature well, we have accumulated almost 200 books in the last three years, each for the price of outgoing postage on one of our old books (or $3.50.) Almost all of the ones we have received have been in excellent condition, many like new. If you sign up and post 10 books you are willing to part with, they will give you 2 credits to start out with (worth one book each.)

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