Spring has Sprung

The weather has warmed and I have had the distinct pleasure of spending time outside with the girls, at the park and in the yard.  Kate likes to blow bubbles and Lexi likes to chase them.  When the wind is just right, I have watched a bubble float aloft across the street and over Mrs. B’s house and further and further, without bursting, until it is too small to make out.

When we are not hanging outside, it seems like we are having people over.  Today was the first day in a while no one came, but I did make baked ziti for community group and we had our elder interviews to join the church and… we’re in need of a bit of rest.  But spring break is coming soon.

4 responses to “Spring has Sprung

  1. Does this mean you are going to change the header picture?

  2. I was waiting for a clear day to snap a picture of the blooming trees across the street but… your wish is my command.

  3. Spring! Woohoo! (Though, it’s a wee bit chillier here today than it has been lately. . . March and April are two of my favorite months in Florida. May and August were my faves in Kyiv.)

  4. That is a much better picture since it is from UNC-CH. I also did like the last picture, although it was kinda weird seeing snow that far South.

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